Rules & Conditions

Below are the general rules and conditions of the Association followed by the rules of the Championships:

Rules of the Association

  1. That this association be called THE BERKS, BUCKS AND OXON CROSS COUNTRY ASSOCIATION and be open to all clubs, universities, service units, colleges, schools and youth organisations whose headquarters shall be situated with the three counties.
  2. That the object of the association is to encourage cross country running and to arrange the BBO Annual Championships to be held in accordance within UK Athletics cross country running rules.
  3. That the management of the Association be vested in a President, four Vice-Presidents, Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, and a representative of each affiliated club, 5 to form a quorum.
    All shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.
  4. That all Clubs etc joining the association shall be affiliated to UK Athletics and shall pay an annual affiliation fee to the BBO CCA.
  5. An auditor shall examine the accounts of the Association for the past financial year, such accounts to be presented to the AGM by the Treasurer.
  6. That the Annual General Meeting be held in November and the Financial year end on the 30th September in each year. Affiliation and entry fees to be reviewed annually at the AGM
  7. That a Special General Meeting shall be called by the Secretary within 14 days of receipt by him of a written request signed by representatives of three different clubs stating the reason for such a meeting.
  8. That no rule be altered rescinded, or made except at the AGM, notice of all proposed alterations must be sent to the Secretary 14 days before the AGM.
  9. That any any club infringing these rules shall be liable to expiulsion from the association.
  10. That the affiliated clubs shall be responsible for the liabilities of the association.
  11. That any matter not provided for in these rules or in the championship rules shall be dealt with by the AGM whose decision shall be final.
  12. All competitors in the Championships must be eligible to run under UK Athletics Cross Country rules.
  13. Entries for the championships to be received fourteen days prior to the race and shall accompanied by the appropriate fees names and EA registration number.
  14. Trophies may be held by the winning club for one year and shall be returned to the secretary before the next championship or at any time when requested by the secretary.

Last reviewed and updated: September 2023.

Rules of the Championships

  1. All competitors must be first claim members of the club they represent and be eligible under English Cross Country Union Rules for cross country running.
  2. Club vests must be worn in all races.
  3. Individual athletes may be entered by an affiliated club, but they must be first claim members.
  4. The closing date for entries is as stipulated on the entry form.
  5. Club affiliation fees are due by the closing date as staed on the entry form.

Last reviewed and updated: September 2023.