2019 BBO AGM Reminder

Notices AGM

This is just a quick reminder that the 2019 BBO Cross Country Association AGM is scheduled to take place on Monday, 28th October. Please refer to the copy of the original notice sent out on Thursday, 12th September below for full details.

Advance notification of the 2019 BBO Cross Country Association AGM is hereby given.

Please note that the Association is urgently looking for volunteers to take on the roles that will be vacated by the long-standing members of the committee who have taken the decision to stand down at the forthcoming AGM. Additional volunteers are required to assure the future of the BBO Cross Country Championships,

Full details of the AGM and vacancies can be viewed in the 2019 BBO AGM Notice document that is available to download here.

We look forward to seeing you at the AGM and thank you for your attention.

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