2019 BBO Entries Further Update - Important!


This is a further update to the Entries Update notice sent yesterday following the 2019 BBO AGM yesterday evening as it has come to my attention that entry data is being sent to the wrong person/address.

To reiterate, please ensure 2019 BBO team (i.e. numbers of teams entered) and athlete entry data is sent to Dene Stringfellow (Entries & Results Secretary - entries <at> bbocca.uk), not to Simon Walker. Any entry data sent to Simon will not be able to be passed on or forwarded as he will be away. Only 2019 BBO affiliation and entry payments are to be sent to Simon Walker (Treasurer - treasurer <at> bbocca.uk).

In addition, please note that 2019 BBO Entries Notice included details that are no longer applicable. Namely, in the Championship Team Entries table it originally stated in R04 of the 2019 BBO Entries Notice:
Teams of X to be entered, X to run, first X to score.
That information is no longer correct and has been changed accordingly to :
Teams of X to run, first X to score.
Note: X represents the numbers applicable to the relevant Championship races.

An updated list of links to the entry documents are provided below:

If anyone has problems accessing the entry documents or needs assistance please do not hesitate to contact Dene either by email (as detailed above) or by telephone on 01235 868111.

The new website for the BBO is now live (albeit a few details remain to be addressed) and can be accessed here.

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