2023 BBO Entries Deadline - Last Call


This is a last call and reminder that the primary deadline for entries for the 2023 BBO Championships is midnight TONIGHT. No entries will be accepted after this deadline. The secondary deadline for the resolution of outstanding entry issues is: midnight on Monday, 13th November. As a reminder and for your convenience below is a copy of the original notice sent out on Wednesday, 20th September.

Below are links to download the 2023 BBO Championships Entry Notice including the forms to be completed and returned by clubs no later than Sunday, 5th November 2023 along with the applicable fees as detailed in the accompanying table. Please note that a request for volunteers is also included under the Volunteers Request and Volunteers Request Form sections of the 2023 BBO Affiliation & Entry Notice. In addition, a .csv template file is also supplied to be used to prepare and submit your club’s 2023 BBO Championship team and athlete entries by that same deadline.

Please Note:
If the entries have been updated using an Apple computer please double-check the dates are correct and in the correct format before submitting the entries.
Dates of Birth Tip: Enter the dates of birth into a raw text editor (Notepad (Windows), TextWrangler (Mac), etc for example) and then copy/paste them from there into the .csv file. That way the correct dates will be preserved.

If anyone has problems accessing the entry documents or needs assistance please do not hesitate to contact Dene either by email (Entries & Results Secretary - entries <at> bbocca.uk) or by telephone on 01235 868111.

Thank you for your attention.

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