2021 BBO AGM Reminder

AGM Notices

This is a reminder that the 2021 BBO Cross Country Association AGM is scheduled to take place online on Friday, 1st October. Read more

2021 BBO Championships Cancellation Notice


As no volunteers have been forthcoming to take over the outstanding committee vacancies the Association has, regrettably, been left with no alternative other than to cancel the 2021 BBO Cross Country Championships. Read more

2021 BBO Survey & Future Update


A summary of the results of the recent survey taken to gauge interest from athletics clubs within the counties of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire regarding the continuation of the Association and its Championships are now available. All clubs are advised to read the formal 2021 BBO Survey & Future Update document that provides details of the survey results and notification to clubs that an EGM (date, time and venue tbc) will be called to cancel the provisionally arranged 2021 BBO Cross Country Championships as no volunteers have stepped forward to fill the vacant roles on the Association’s committee despite the repeated requests. Read more

2021 BBO Future of Association & its Championships


The lack of response in relation to the repeated requests for volunteers in order to allow the Association and its Championships to continue is a major concern. This is a final notice to try to engage clubs. Full details are available in the formal 2021 BBO Future of Association & its Championships Notice. Please take the time to read this document and distribute it among your club members for review and consideration. Read more

EA Cross Country Consultation/Survey


The question of equal gender race distances with respect to the BBO Cross Country Championships was dealt with at the 2019 AGM; the men and women’s race race distances having been confirmed as 8km from 2020 onwards. In respect of the other age categories all race distances were already equal. Read more